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Sunday, April 30, 2017

I'm not gonna lie, I do get asked about this a lot which is why I think I update this post every once in a while.  Not much has changed though.  But I always seem to come across new tips for doing this as easily and fast as possible.  Here's what you'll need (once your hair is platinum blonde or white):
1.  Vaseline Trust me, it will prevent your skin from turning the exact same color as you want your hair to be.. You'll thank me for this one day.  Vaseline is super cheap and applying it to your skin ain't that hard.. 2.  Hair dye I use the cheapest one I found in Guatemala to be completely honest (Kuul, you can find it at Beauty Depot).  It is permanent, however once you mix this up with conditioner it will pretty much become temporary.  I like two mix the magenta with the violet one because I think that the resulting color is a lot softer than just mixing up violet with the conditioner, the magenta appears to tone it down a notch. 3.  Conditioner It can be whatever, just make sure it's white.  I buy this one from Pantene because it's the biggest bottle I can find for a decent pricing, but really you can use which ever (don't use shampoo though). 4. Trash bags I cover my sink in plastic/nylon bags because otherwise my bathroom would be purple by now.. once this stuff gets into objects, it is pretty much impossible to remove the stain. 5.  Hair Tools I do use my hands to get this mix into my hair.  I would recommend you to use the brush thingy for your roots though, you don't a miss any spots in the area of your head that everyone (and I mean EVERYONE) will immediately see.  Hair clips are also a good idea for separating your hair so that you can be more organized when applying the dye to your hair.
**** TIPS ****
  • Make sure your mix is darker than the shade of color you want.
  • Leave the dye on your hair for at least 2 hours.
  • Remove the dye with cold water rather than hot, there's also no need to shampoo your hair this time.  Hot water pretty much removes the entire hair dye, totally useless, don't get me started on why you shouldn't use shampoo.
  • Allow your hair to air dry, it will help out a lot.
  • Try not to wash your hair as often.
  • Shampoo without sulfates is always a good option when your hair is damaged from the peroxide.
  • Use an old t-shirt that you won't get too upset about ruining.
  • You can cover up your hair with a plastic bag or whatever if you want your entire hair to have the same shade.  Otherwise, your roots might look darker than the tips of your hair.

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